art to nourish body, soul, and spirit

“Healing requires movement, inner movement, for change and growth.
One of the greatest gifts of our time for encouraging
such movement is artistic therapy.”
—Adam Blanning, M.D.

What is Art Therapy?




therapy painting

Art Therapy provides a medium of expression using color, form and movement to strengthen and support our inherent forces of health.

Engagement with therapeutic art processes enhances the health and wellbeing in ourselves, our environment and our community.

The imagination is cultivated as a path that celebrates the interrelationships between humanity and the world, deepening and enriching our connections to the very source of creativity and transformative potential.

“After a great loss in my life, I found myself wanting to understand that loss through a new lens. I chose Transformative Art under the guidance of Cheri Munske.  The process of painting and observing form emerge without intention has helped me to see in a new way. And that has made all the difference.”
—Kimberley, art therapy client

How Can Art Therapy Help?

Artistic therapeutic exercises harmonize what has become one-sided, transforming habits by awakening new faculties of imagination. Subtle processes work on the feelings to restore inner balance, which in turn affects the health of the physical body. Individually tailored exercises in the visual arts build slow and steady steps, which can lead toward renewed health, personal growth, and social change.


A variety of media are used in order to reach different aspects of our individuality: watercolor painting, pastels, drawing and sculpture.

“Cheri’s professional yet very warm guidance with paint, pencil, and pastels has helped me to see more clearly who I really am. I worked regularly with her during the course of more than two years and discovered how profoundly healing the artistic process can be. Art therapy works like a medicine, a homeopathic medicine; subtle, true and natural, yet revealingly effective.”
—Kristin, art therapy client

Sessions available for
Adults, Teens and Children

Individual sessions available by appointment.
Each session is one hour.
Please call for fees.

“Painting engenders a new experience of the surrounding world,
a new connection to the beauty of Nature.”
—Margarethe Hauschka, M.D.