art to nourish body, soul, and spirit

Educational and Therapeutic Support Services address the roots and symptoms of learning difficulties, anxiety, and other life challenges.

Educational and Therapeutic Support helps with:





  • A variety of learning challenges, such as difficulties in reading, writing, arithmetic
  • Transitions such as new life circumstances, 9 Year Change, death in the family
  • Challenges with fine and/or gross motor movements
  •  Anxiety, excess tension, stress
  • Behavioral issues in the classroom and at home, i.e. listlessness, restlessness, frustration, etc.
  • The work is suitable for students of all ages as well as adults.


Cheri’s work is based on movement and artistic exercises, which together help alleviate hinderances to learning – and enhance self-esteem and confidence

Movement exercises and artistic activities address learning and behavioral challenges by developing and integrating:

  • Spatial orientation
  • Balance and Breathing
  • Dominance and Bilateral Integration – Memory, both visual and auditory
  • Fine and Gross Motor abilities
  • Postural Control