art to nourish body, soul, and spirit

“Color is the soul of nature and the whole cosmos,
and by experiencing the life of color,
we participate in this soul.”
—Rudolf Steiner



For me, this quote by Steiner sums up what drives me to engage in the artistic process. Through my work, whether in my personal art or in guiding another through an artistic journey, I strive to cultivate the middle realm, the Heart sphere, where the soul can live into a colorful, breathing space. This space of active receptivity allows something to enter, grow, and transform. For this, the world of color is the perfect vehicle, and nature is my teacher. Within the artistic process, especially when combined with an immersion into the natural world, one can bring together the qualities of rhythm, balance and grace.

Offering Sessions in
Artistic Exploration and Art Therapy

No special artistic skills are needed, as artistic achievement is not the primary aim, but rather the building of new capacities. The only requirement is a genuine wish to fully engage in the process of discovery.

Courses available:

  • Painting  for adults
  • Puppetry for children
  • Handwork for adults and children

About Cheri

Cheri Munske is a puppeteer, artist and educator, and is the founder and director of the Wool Horse Puppet Theater, established in 1992. She trained as Waldorf teacher at Sunbridge College, 1999, and has taught children and adults for over 23 years. Since 2005 she has volunteered at The Dougy Center, a family grief center in Portland, Oregon.

Cheri earned a Master’s Diploma in Art Therapy and Transformative Arts in 2009, from the Tobias School of Art and Therapy, U.K.


Cheri Munske